pineap works [píneàpple・wˈɚːks]

real name Kiyoshi Yamagishi (very manly name at Japan)
sex ♀ (often mistaken as a man...but not a gay)
home city Myôtoku-machi Suzaka-shi, Nagano
address Nagano
birth date 19 June,1973 (It is Showa period)
blood type AB
hobby Walking(hard), Drinking everyday(almost),
Listen to the music, Knitting (Winter only because
Summer is hot)
notes Up to there, Not going to reform society as a part of the operating activities. So I'm not going to say that "Please buy my postcards because I am doing Social Reform for You" at all. My hope is The Worldpeace Only, and if it is a condition that are certainly,
I don't care no matter how unsalable my works.
Sorry, I'm not a hypocrite (but Honki-daYo!)