pineap works [píneàpple・wˈɚːks] 's history

1994 Graduated Nihon University junior college literature faculty with a major in japanese
1995 Completion Tokyo Copywriter School (TCS) copy general, research course
1996 Entering Recruit Co., Ltd.
Job magazine “B-ing” “Torabâyu” etc., planning & production of the advertise.
Originally, I think that ‘Oh, job advertisement...’ at that time so was somewhat negative because I wanted to try doing on product ads actually.
But grown up to get the In-house competition prize or determined by the evaluation of the editorial part and readers “Torabâyu Advertising Award”.
My foundation grew up here.
2000 Started activity as a free-lance music writer
wrote Tower Records “bounce”, PARCO “FLYER”, Discus (Daiki-Sound) “GUPPY”,
Disk Garage “DI:GA” etc.
※It's a little bit But I am satisfied because thought that ‘I want to write to there media!’
and so got posted mostly☆
2003 Stopped activity of the freelance writer
2004~ Worked in several companies as a copywriter through some temp agencies.
(Jupiter shop channel, Soucenext, Suehiro-Printing office, Nihon SP center)
Then, went back to Recruit Co., Ltd against my will because
I had determined to never return there (didn’t want to depend on the good campany)
→retire by pretending to be sick in order to stop my foot could'nt stop
2007 Beginning creation (some poems, and the like)
2008 pineap works was starting! at the present but I was closed on the way